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Yeeeeee | What will you find today?

Yeeeeee | What will you find today?

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Kelly McKernan

Posted: 19 May 2012 03:40 AM PDT

Kelly McKernan 184 Yeeeeee Kelly McKernan

is a fine artist and illustrator based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her work is defined by internal struggle in its many forms through personal growth. She illustrates various situations for her female protagonists to interact with through symbolic elements in vague settings. These scenes often comment on the operating consequences of idealism and fantasy due to naivety and youth with two opposing forces at work: natural inclination versus cognitive reasoning. There is deeply personal meaning to be found as the multi-layered struggles depicted in her current body of work reflect her interests and concerns as a growing woman with a penchant for idealism on a journey of self-awareness. Artists Website

JP Valderrama

Posted: 19 May 2012 03:30 AM PDT

JP Valderrama The Fresh Doodle 156 Yeeeeee JP Valderrama

Work described by the Artist in his own words

Arts and drawing has always been my passion, it's the only thing I do best most of the time. I've been drawing way back since I was old enough to hold a pencil, all the way from high school, to my college years. 5 years ago, I've stopped temporarily and pursued a career in web and graphic design. Fairly a year ago I have picked up my pen tablet and started drawing again, but this time it's for good!

I consider myself multi-talented and very fortunate about it. Aside from , I'm also musically inclined, I play guitar and bass and listen to different forms of rock music. I'm also athletic and play ridiculous hours of tennis. If I'm not drawing, I'd be playing tennis. I consider myself a semi retired gamer, as I don't have much time for it right now. My favorite games are strategy like Warcraft and Starcraft, I would spend mad hours playing these games and actually forget to eat or sleep at times. For now my focus is getting back to my drawing, improve and make my mark it the world of .

JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20153%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20154%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20155%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20157%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20158%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20159%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20160%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20161%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20162%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20163%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20164%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20165%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20166%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20167%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20168%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20169%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20170%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20171%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20172%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20173%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20174%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20175%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20176%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20177%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20178%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20179%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20180%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama
JP%20Valderrama%20%28The%20Fresh%20Doodle%29%20%20181%20Yeeeeee JP Valderrama

Honey Hunters of Nepal by Eric Valli

Posted: 19 May 2012 02:45 AM PDT

010 Honey Hunters of Nepal by Eric Valli

There are all kinds of jobs in the world. Some range from mind-numbing to wet your pants dangerous but when you have a job like these honey hunters in , where you basic survival depends on incredible risks to life an limb, our jobs that we whine about seem inconsequential.

These images of Nepal's honey hunters were taken by Eric Valli as he documented the lives of the men who harvest the massive hives of the world's largest honey bees.

The Empire Strikes Back | Behind the Scenes

Posted: 19 May 2012 02:23 AM PDT

Excellent images of behind the scenes of the movie The Empire Strikes Back 108 Yeeeeee The Empire Strikes Back | Behind the Scenes released these behind the scenes photographs to mark the Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back movie, . Each of the images were pulled from the The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back book released in 2011. These certainly some really nostalgic photos!

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