Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Escape Into Chris - Entry 1

Escape Into Chris - Entry 1

Escape Into Chris - Entry 1

Posted: 23 Feb 2011 09:38 PM PST

In tribute to the life and works of Chris Al-Aswad, we, his family, are honoring his memory by posting regular excerpts from his writings here at his website Escapeintolife.com

Summer 2006 - Normal, IL

"… I worry that I won't have enough time, once work starts, to read and write. But I also know there is always enough time. We just don't happen to see all the time that is available to us because we are clouded by a fear of death.

My urge to read and write is a defense against death and its anxiety. I feel that I am finite and by reading and writing and by leaving a living record of my self, I believe that I can transcend my own death. I participate in the life that so many people lead without even thinking about it. That is, working a regular job, having a family, or having a wife for me is a burden, because by leading what most would consider a normal life I am "giving up", in a sense, I am surrendering to my own mortality. By retreating into this world I have created with words and books, I hope to transcend my own death. But I need to make sure I live. I will never be able to transcend death until I fully live."

Selasa, 22 Februari 2011

Escape Into Chris

Escape Into Chris

Escape Into Chris

Posted: 22 Feb 2011 02:15 PM PST

A long, wintry six months has passed since EIL and Blog of Innocence's founder, Chris Al-Aswad, left life behind and stepped into the world of the Spirit. In addition to countless unforgettable memories, Chris also left us with dozens of journals brimming with his deepest thoughts and philosophical ponderings of existence on planet earth. Recently, my Father and I began exploring them in depth, discovering incredible, illuminated passages rife with prophetic, provocative insights and brutal honesty. While the quest to fill the space that Chris' parting left in us will continue for our lifetimes, we've found solace and uplift in the notion of sharing these with the people Chris cared for most, his friends in the EIL community. Clearly, the spirit of Chris lives on in them, as well as in the eternal flow of the creative life-force, and so he would surely approve. We will start by posting one a week and are open and eager to hearing your feedback.

Kamis, 17 Februari 2011

New Atomik Tattoo Stickers...

New stickers are in, leave a message or stop in the shop if you want some.

Gangster Script Tattoo...

A friend wanted his two daughter's names put on his arm, so we went with some nice gangster script with a dash of color to add some flavor

Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

Atomik Art...

I just completed a new painting that is the first in a series of three that will feature pinup girls and depictions of death. The canvas is one foot by three feet and done with oil paints. There are plenty of hidden meanings and messages within, but I never explain my artwork, I'd rather allow the viewer to come to their own conclusions.

Atomik Pinstriping...

Here's a new photo of one of the panels I painted while attending the custom car event in Little Rock, AK. Tribal striping on funky candied ground metal background. Below is a better quality pic of one of the panels that I've all ready posted from that trip.