Minggu, 30 September 2012

Notificações por e-mail das Ferramentas do Google para webmasters

Prezado usuário das Ferramentas do Google para webmasters,

Sabemos que ter um site íntegro e com bom desempenho é importante para você. Para mantê-lo informado sobre o status de seu site, as Ferramentas do Google para webmasters enviarão automaticamente um e-mail de notificação caso detectemos problemas graves ou importantes em seu site.

Só enviaremos e-mails sobre problemas que acreditarmos ter um impacto significativo na integridade ou no desempenho de pesquisa de seu site, em relação aos quais é possível realizar ações claras. Por exemplo, enviaremos um e-mail se detectarmos malware em seu site ou virmos um aumento significativo nos erros durante a indexação.

Para a maioria dos sites, é raro que esses tipos de problema aconteçam. Se, por acaso, seu site tiver um problema, limitaremos o número de e-mails enviados ao longo de um determinado período para evitar excesso de e-mails em sua caixa de entrada.

Se não desejar receber e-mails das Ferramentas do Google para webmasters, você poderá alterar suas preferências de recebimento de e-mail em https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/preferences.

Esperamos que você ache essa mudança uma forma útil para ficar informado sobre questões críticas e importantes relacionadas à integridade de seu site.

Se você desejar obter mais informações sobre as Ferramentas do Google para webmasters e sobre como criar websites compatíveis com o Google, acesse http://www.google.com/webmasters.

Equipe das Ferramentas do Google para webmasters

© 2012 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

Este comunicado de serviço é obrigatório e foi enviado por e-mail para informar sobre alterações importantes efetuadas em sua conta das Ferramentas do Google para webmasters.

Jumat, 28 September 2012

iPapercraft | Paper Model | Free Papercraft

iPapercraft | Paper Model | Free Papercraft

SD Gundam MSN 06S Sinanju Papercraft [del.icio.us]

Posted: 28 Sep 2012 12:18 AM PDT

This papercraft is SD Gundam MSN-06S Sinanju Papercraft designed by Panda. SD Gundam MSN-06S Sinanju Papercraft file in PDF format, and Instruction in pdo format.

Rabu, 26 September 2012

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Paper Cut City Maps by Karen O'Leary

Posted: 26 Sep 2012 07:54 PM PDT

Artist/ architect Karen O'Leary has created a series of modern maps that transforms the classic navigational map into a form of artworks, rendering a clean, contemplative design by way of intricate hand cuts or repetitive black ink lines.

The first mapcut (a hand cut modern map) was created as part of her 5th year architecture thesis. A more beautiful, non-typical, site map. A map layered with more information than any other. Since then, she quietly worked on these beauties for her own enjoyment. In October of 2009, she listed the nyc mapcut on Etsy, in hopes of earning a few dollars. The images of the delicate streets of new york got circulated throughout the online design community and a business was unintentionally created. Currently she has over 30 cities in the mapcut collection and over 50 in the city prints collection. Her modern maps are more than a navigational tool, they also tell a story.

See also this city's transit system map print by by Cayla Ferari and John Breznicky.

+ StudioKMO

Furnishing the bedroom with quality Furniture

Posted: 26 Sep 2012 08:16 AM PDT

The bed room being one of the most important rooms in the entire house would always need to be furnished with some of the best furniture that one can ever think of. Bed room furnishing has essentially taken a new exciting path in the modern world of home furnishing. Several prominent brands are known to offer top class bedroom furniture that not only bring comfort but ensure the modish nature of this vital room is maintained. To be able to properly furnish your room there are essential tips that you would always need to keep in mind.

Always make an appointment of carefully checking the type of material that has been used to make the type of bedroom furniture that you intend to buy. Quality plays a vital role as it would ensure your furniture last for long time while maintaining its stylish original appearance. You can be able to test this by say shaking the bed, checking its legs and feeling the mattress. Always ensure that the bed posts are flat on the floor so that they perfectly balance without any swinging.

Good bedroom furniture is most of the time known to be made of hardwood, wood laminates or veneer. Bed room furniture made of any of this type of materials are most of the time known to be quite cost effective as compared to ones made of solid wood which always require one to spend extra dollars.

When checking out any bedroom furniture always choose one that is highly affordable while able to guarantee utmost comfort and durability. If you do cherish simplicity and elegance then it would be perfect to select bedroom furniture with simple designs supported with some of the finest light colors. When sampling any bedroom furniture always check on the finish, good furniture will at all times need to be sanded and stained before any finish is applied. This is usually important as it ensures silky and smooth feel of any coarse surface as the end product.

When looking for wooden beds it is always good to sample a wide variety of finishes such as oak, MDF, maple or hardwood. You can be able to sample these varieties here. Checking of the cabinets, night stands and drawers would also need to be given a closer look when buying this type of bedroom furniture. You can be able to check this by simply opening and closing the drawers to see if they open and close smoothly, the interior of the drawers would also need to be examined.

For utmost beauty; bedroom furniture will at all times need to be illuminated with some of the finest lighting system. Bed room furniture made of teakwood is some of the best especially for those people who have a higher sense and choice of fashion in furniture.

Dapple Light by Reiko Kaneko

Posted: 26 Sep 2012 07:25 AM PDT

Disco at my home. This Dapple Light Prototype by Reiko Kaneko is inspired by a hanging disco ball reflecting and redirecting the early morning sunshine inside, Dapple lamp tries to recreate this impact. When lit, mottled light bursts out of the seemingly regular wood veneer shade. But hidden from view, small glass mirrors line the inside of an Ovangkol veneer shade. Most effective in a darkened space, Dapple lamp swathe the surrounding area with an explosion of light.

+ Reiko Kaneko

Architect Curtain by Joon&Jung Designteller

Posted: 26 Sep 2012 07:20 AM PDT

A commissioned work from 12n STDNBW, the Architect Curtain are inspired by the architect- Joon&Jung's background and the nature. In each layer of panel has different drawing by hand sew on the kassdoek with subtle colors. Because of the half transparency of the fabric and lighted line, it doesn't give you information directly. But as you walk by the image passes like an illusion. It is like a memory from your dream. The scene, you would have passed by without aware of. But it has been always there in our everyday.

+ Joon&Jung

Selasa, 25 September 2012

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Get the look: Leather bed selection

Posted: 25 Sep 2012 07:49 AM PDT

Have you ever considered a leather bed frame to spice up your bedroom décor? Leather is a fantastic material that is used more and more in bedroom furniture manufacturing. Whether you would like to refurnish your bedroom or bring a touch of luxury to your overall interior, leather is a material worth taking a look at as it offers great options in terms of style and interior design.

Before browsing our selection of leather beds, below there are a few things you should know when deciding on leather furniture:

1. Whether faux or real, leather beds and leather furniture in general are very easy to look after. Just go over the bed frame with a duster or a damp cloth in order to remove stains and keep the piece of furniture clean.

2. Leather is a very durable material and with a little care you can rest assured that your furniture will last a lifetime.

3. Leather beds come in any size so you can go for a superking bed for your master bedroom and even get your teen a small double leather bed. Why not also consider a leather bed that includes a TV stand and/ or an iPod dock for making the most of those lazy Sundays in bed.

4. Faux leather offers a wide range of bright colours for those who prefer to make their bed stand out with a deep red or light pink.

5. Leather beds come in a variety of different styles. Among the most popular bed types you can choose a stylish sleigh bed, an ottoman bed or a simply a guest bed.

We have selected great leather beds to illustrate the points mentioned above and give you some more ideas on the different leather bed there are out there. For more information visit http://www.wedo-beds.co.uk