Kamis, 21 Maret 2013

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Warownia Restaurant by Karina Wiciak

Posted: 21 Mar 2013 04:45 AM PDT

As part of a series of 12 thematic interior designs title 'XII', designer Karina Wiciak create a poetic space called 'Warownia' as part four of the series.

"Warownia" is not only a restaurant and a club, but also a magical place, where the décor imparts an intriguing, slightly fairy-tale atmosphere. Usually, each interior has its history, but his place came into existence in a special manner...

In the "Warownia", one can see primarily white, shiny walls, among which a beautiful and young girls lives. Shutting herself off from the truth of the external world, she resembles a princess locked away in a tower. Yet life is no bed of roses, and any artificial, idealized world which we, people (as well as this princess), construct for ourselves never stands the test of time. Therefore, the white, shiny walls which symbolize impeccably clean appearances, ultimately break off dirty, cracked walls, showing the other, dark side of life. This is when the bright, clean interior turns into a dirty, dark dungeon. What happens to the "princess" afterwards? Everyone can invent their own story. Yet, this is not a fairy tale which should be told to the customers of the restaurant, but rather a short (albeit made-up) history of the interior, which should be treated with a slight pinch of salt.

The collection "XII" will consist of 12 thematic interior designs, together with furniture and fittings, which in each part will be interconnected, not only in terms of style, but also by name. Each subsequent design will be created within one month, and the entire collection will take one year to create. Here, visualization is to constitute more than a design, which is thrown away after implementation of the interior design, but mainly an image, which has a deeper meaning and can function individually, for instance as a print on a wall, or even a CD cover. These will not be interiors made to a specific order, but designs based on the author's fantasy and his fascinations of various sorts. It will be possible to order a specific interior design in the form of adaptation of the selected part of the collection, on the basis of exclusivity. The author's assumption was not to create trite, fashionable interiors, but non-standard places, full of symbols and metaphors, at the borderline between architecture and scenography. Due to their nature, these are mostly commercial interiors, intended for use and reception by a larger group of people. Yet, it was not supposed to be an art gallery, in which art is merely watched, but places in which it could be put into use and to do virtually everything – depending on the purpose and function of the premises. The author of the collection did not strive to artificially ascribe ideology to random ideas, but rather to make the entire design readable and coherent, and at the same time to design every item specifically for the given interior. The "Warownia" (which in Polish means "stronghold") design includes white table "Baszta" (which in Polish means "tower"), a chandelier "Luna", a glass hocker and chair "Tron" (which in Polish means "throne").

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Green Cast By Kengo Kuma

Posted: 20 Mar 2013 09:37 AM PDT

World renowned architect, Kengo Kuma has designed the Green Cast House, an eco green building design that features a curtain wall-like cladding that funtions as a huge green wall. This building, located in Odawara-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan is covered with planters made of aluminum die-cast panels, which provides space for facilities. The 3 (up to 6) aluminum panels, which also form planters, are made in monoblock casting. Each panel is slanted, and its surface appears to be organic, of which cast comes from decayed styrene foam. Equipment such as watering hose, air reservoir for ventilation and downpipes are installed behind the panels so that the façade can accommodate a comprehensive system for the building.

Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Nespresso Window Display Hamburg

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 06:33 PM PDT

Premium capsule coffee maker Nespresso has always done some incredibilly retail design using their coffee capsules. Their flagship store in Hamburg, Germany has take the concept a step further in their store design. (The design was done in year 2011)

Nespresso store in Hamburg features a 30 metres long window display. By purposely develop a laser technology to aid the position of 40,000 Nespresso capsules, the results were six unusual three-dimensional sculptures seems to hover weightlessly in the air along the display of Nespresso brand and coffee machine.

The project was done by WIN Communication.

Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Artisan Bread Maker- Baker D. Chirico Branding + Interior by FOD

Posted: 11 Mar 2013 07:35 PM PDT

Australian studio Fabio Ongarato Design (FOD) has collaborated with architects March Studio, artist and fashion designers PAM and artisan bread maker Daniel Chirico to create a new store for Baker D. Chirico. As a second store in Australia, Daniel Chirico has asked FOD to create a new identity for the store and brand.

Focused on the juxtaposition between age-old tradition and craft, and contemporary design thinking with a surreal twist, the new store creates a truly unique and unexpected experience.


Selasa, 05 Maret 2013

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Small Apartment Interior by Maurizio Giovannoni

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 06:25 PM PST

This small apartment (approximately 65 sq m)is located in Turku, Southern Finland. Like other typical apartment, too many walls and doors blocked the spaces and the natural light. Architect Maurizio Giovannoni first task was letting the light flow in and creating a modern living apartment design.

The partial demolition of walls was a natural consequence, along with reversing the location of bedroom and living room so that the beautiful view of historical site of Turku can be seen from the living space. The interior concept of this small apartment is a blend of cultures. The floor is covered with parquet of white ash solid wood, the shelves are birch and the kitchen table is also in birch but colored with heat. Wood is a omnipresent element in this apartment design as it constantly is for Finnish people, but the real attention is catalyzed by the nature theme wallpaper, carrying colours and a typical Mediterranean "courage". The furniture itself is a mix of the two cultures and of past and present: the grandmother's armchair is a piece of Finnish vintage from the sixties as is the red floor lamp. The arc framing the wallpaper is the famous Twiggy by Foscarini and the suspended lamps are Italian as well. ANd everything fits together in perfect harmony! 

+ Maurizio Giovannoni

Holi- Festival of Colors

Posted: 05 Mar 2013 08:10 AM PST

The festival of Holi is celebrated on the day after the full moon in early March every year. It is also called the Festival of Colours. On this day people throw colors at each other. Holi is celebrated as a welcoming of Spring, and a celebration of the triumph of good over evil. It is India's most celebrated festival along with Diwali.

+ Poras Chaudhary