Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

Cross Tattoo...

Another great friend of mine wanted me to grace his arm with his first tattoo while visiting his town last week. He was interested in a cross with skulls worked into the design, and this is what I came up with. He really likes all of those 'Affliction' style shirt designs, so I thought this would be perfect for him.
Congratulations Johnny, you broke your cherry!

Goth Pinup Girl Tattoo...

One of my closest friends has been wanting a goth style pinup girl for a long time, and last week while visiting his city, I finally did him the favor. I really dig the tattoo because its a traditional pinup done with a modern goth twist. I also really like how the background came out and how it plays against the colors of the girl. Now my friend can stop nagging me!

Graffiti Tattoo...

This young man came in the shop to get his last name blasted across his back in some graf lettering. I Love rocking pieces like this! I really like this photo also, how he's flanked by his reflection on one side and the religious painting on the other.
And this kid came in to get some nice gangster script on his arm. I really enjoyed doing this too.
And finally, a dope lil piece in memory of Mom.

Happy Halloween...

My favorite holiday. Had to share my wicked skull face paint I did for a Halloween rollerskating party I attended last night with some friends. My skull face won me one of three best costume awards given out that involves a free pizza skate party. Not bad.I'm especially proud of this photo because it was taken while skating. I didn't fall, and I wasn't caught by the refs as there is a rule about no mobile phones while skating. Good job.

Yeeeeee | What will you find today?

Yeeeeee | What will you find today?

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Heels by Kobi Levi

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 12:04 PM PDT

footwear design kobi levi 01  Heels by Kobi Levi

Blending the boundaries between fashion and , an Israeli designer Kobi Levy conceives every pair of shoes as a complete sculpture. He invented a “bilateral” boots, flip-flops from the peel of bananas, sandals, shoes, slingshot and dog. It is truly amazing shoes!

Caroline Winberg for Blanco

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 11:59 AM PDT

CarolineWinbergBlanco00 Caroline Winberg for Blanco

25-year-old Swedish top model took part in an advertising campaign fall-winter collection of clothes for the brand Blanco. The photo agency were Hunter & Gatti.

Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

Yeeeeee | What will you find today?

Yeeeeee | What will you find today?

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Kirsty Mitchell

Posted: 30 Oct 2010 12:53 AM PDT

Kirsty Mitchell01 Kirsty Mitchell

Great imagination, an extraordinary sense of color and composition, in my opinion are the main qualities fielded by the British . In this series of works entitled The Secret Garden, the intensity of the color lavender, the costumes and props are taking us into a fantasy world sprung from his visionary mind.

Silvia Molinari

Posted: 29 Oct 2010 02:35 PM PDT

334158 Silvia Molinari

Born in Piacenza in 1976, is a graduate of the Art Institute “Paolo Toschi” in Parma in decorative techniques.
He lives in Fiorenzuola d’Arda (Piacenza, Italy), a country that is divided between the plains of “low” to el’accenno Piacenza hills, in a house surrounded by fields and its rhythms.

His artistic career includes studying, testing and application of the different disciplines of painting, but maybe through the water color that best expresses its expressive capacity. The combination of simple elements (water, pigment and graphite on paper) through the graphic sign of Silvia, the best interpreters of those who love film, reinventing: shrubs, leaves, flowers and plant fragments that seem to have slipped just before the whiteness of the paper.

His watercolors are born with the elbows on the windowsill to look out, rummaging in drawers, collecting things, playing a little ‘. Framed under transparent plates or as free seeds. And surreal situations and human figures, symbols of mood, games and research.
He has exhibited in numerous galleries and exhibits permanently through solo and group exhibitions. He teaches life drawing and watercolor through lectures and seminars.

334159 Silvia Molinari
334160 Silvia Molinari
334161 Silvia Molinari
334162 Silvia Molinari
334163 Silvia Molinari
334164 Silvia Molinari
334165 Silvia Molinari
334166 Silvia Molinari
334167 Silvia Molinari
334168 Silvia Molinari
334169 Silvia Molinari
334170 Silvia Molinari
334171 Silvia Molinari
334172 Silvia Molinari
334173 Silvia Molinari
334174 Silvia Molinari
334175 Silvia Molinari
334176 Silvia Molinari
334177 Silvia Molinari