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Design Year Book

Design Year Book

A wooden stool by Jorge de la Cruz

Posted: 06 May 2012 07:54 AM PDT

'A wooden stool', by Spanish designer Jorge de la Cruz, is a low stool, with a shape close to archetype in which the protagonist is its material, solid wood. This stool is made out of Sweden Pine Wood.

This work comes from the observation of the material, its values and the history of its fabrication. The piece has a hand finished that consists in brushing the wood with a metal wire brush to remove the soft part of the wood surface and remaining the wood grain that is harder. Applying a matt lacquer to protect the wood completes the process and also it gives more smoothness to the surface.

This brushed finish accentuates the grain wood drawing, its most representative element that comes from the rings of the tree.

The goal is taking to the maximum the expression of the material, this is why every edge is rounded, differing from the orthogonal edge of plastified boards of furniture that imitates wood.

The finish adds human value to the product and tell us about its production at a time when the knowledge about how objects are made is losing. 

+ Jorge de la Cruz

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