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Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Granimator iPad Apps by ustwo

Posted: 18 Apr 2012 08:40 AM PDT

Granimator= Graphic + Animator.

Granimator is an amazing graphic wallpaper creator apps with a difference. First, a user select a pre-built wallpaper from the apps, then assign a style pack with a range of easy to use graphics, sounds,tools, shapes and backgrounds. User can then draw, tap, pinch, drag and interact with the graphic elements to create stunning compositions. Each shape represents a sound that can be manipulated and played using the iPad's multitouch function. Finally, share your wallpaper with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or at Granimator.com.

To make Granimator more interesting, ustwo has collaborated with artists from around the world, working to create free wallpaper that can populate and transform the app into a new experience for the user. 

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Ninja Watch by Andy Kurovets

Posted: 17 Apr 2012 07:54 PM PDT

Designer Andy Kurovets has designed some cool and unique watches in his portfolio. One of them are the Ninja Watch. The watch has the look of a ninja with two 'rotating eyes' which show the hour and the minute. As usual, the dials are place on both side of the watch which is also the ninja's ears. Made entirely of molded plastic. A killing watch for sure! 

See also Fertilization Watch by Andy Kurovets.

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