Senin, 10 Desember 2012

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Contextual Street Art by Sandrine Estrade Boulet

Posted: 10 Dec 2012 12:24 AM PST

Contrasting to Bansky's satirical, dark humour street art, artist Sandrine Estrade Boulet has a different take on her street art. Unlike Bansky, everything in Sandrine's eyes are beautiful, humoruos and cheering. Sandrine Estrade Boulet imagines an alternate world in her works, she adds a dynamic and creative spin on daily life scenes and objects like a big mac box on the sidewalk, trash bags, motorcycles delivering pizzas, a broken umbrella, cracks on a wall...

Sandrine Estrade Boulet also published a book on her arts- Hello City!: Urbane Poesie. You can buy the book from the Amozon store.

+ Sandrine Estrade Boulet

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