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Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Pavillon Helmet by Les Ateliers Ruby

Posted: 16 Oct 2011 10:35 PM PDT

I never thought a helmet can be so fashionable and exclusive. Les Ateliers Ruby, the best of the best brands in motorcycle safety and fashion flagship helmet model is an open face helmet using 'retro' inspiration but maintains a modern, harmonious design which is both conventional and sensual, thus highlighting the simplicity of quality.

Every ruby® helmet is made using only the very best carbon fibre, a technology inherited from the aerospace industry: guaranteeing maximum solidity combined with a feather-light weight for added comfort and stability. The Pavillon subtly asserts its personality through a number of details: Its integrated 'backbone' is inspired by knights' helmets, and the chrome-plated strip which runs around the edge of the helmet is its 'steel coat of arms'. Its claret interior, made of nappa lambskin is reminiscent of the aesthetics of vintage luxury cars; their is something special about the pure attention to detail given to the design and working of each part. Ruby do not even overlook the packaging, which is a heavily padded red case which would be worthy of even the finest jewel..

With the Ruby Pavillon, the motorcycle helmet is now an object of pure desire! 

+ Les Ateliers Ruby

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