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Design Year Book

Design Year Book

Soft wood sofa by Morosso

Posted: 13 Oct 2011 09:08 AM PDT

Swedish designers, FRONT's first work for Morosso, the Soft Wood Sofa looks like a fine piece of furniture made of rough-pine. But when you sit on it and you'll discover that it's a silky smooth textile with photorealistic wood print cover the stress-resistant polyurethane foam and polyester fiberfill on a hardwood frame, the only real wood are the legs.

With the use of photographic images to create an illusion of movement in the objects and to twist the experience of their shape and materiality, the images make the cushions of the sofa balance on their edges, turn a flat surface into one richly draped with fabric, and make a wooden surface soft. Real light and shadow mix together with printed ones.

Just like a real nice outdoor sofa bench, but it's recomemded you put it in your living room.

+ Morosso Sofa

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