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Design Year Book

How to get the best wooden curtain poles

Posted: 10 Oct 2012 07:53 AM PDT

Choosing the correct wooden curtain poles for your house or office with the numerous designs, materials and qualities available can be quite overwhelming. The choice of a curtain pole quality and design is solely based on your favoured interior styling. However, some common pointers can be useful as you embark on styling your home or office.

The exercise begins at the place you want to decorate. Prior to checking the variant designs available in the market today, spend some time on familiarizing with the room and the features of the particular windows that need poles. Are you dressing a simple flat window, a dormer, a bay or maybe a patio door arrangement? Each feature has specific curtain design deliberations and restrictions. The position where the window is within the elevation of the wall and the area of the wall above the window are also vital in determining the suitable curtain poles. Click here to learn more.

In the case of a dormer or bay window feature, the space that is available directly above the window streak is vital. In some occurrences the ceiling runs to the window frames' top leaving no wall expanse above these types of windows. A wooden curtain pole requires above 75 millimetres of wall expanse for fitting and ring space. Measure your window and its surrounding areas in advance noting features that may be an issue with the window dressing. Visit website for more details.

The criteria for choosing a precise curtain pole diameter are the curtain weight, ceiling height and the room volume. Before the diameter though, choose your preferred pole-end design click here for more. The weight of the curtain also affects the size of the curtain pole you choose.

Consulting your curtain provider before making your final decision on the wooden curtain pole is vital. When you have your preferred pole, ensure proper fixing to the wall to avert failure.

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