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Design Year Book

Get the look: Leather bed selection

Posted: 25 Sep 2012 07:49 AM PDT

Have you ever considered a leather bed frame to spice up your bedroom décor? Leather is a fantastic material that is used more and more in bedroom furniture manufacturing. Whether you would like to refurnish your bedroom or bring a touch of luxury to your overall interior, leather is a material worth taking a look at as it offers great options in terms of style and interior design.

Before browsing our selection of leather beds, below there are a few things you should know when deciding on leather furniture:

1. Whether faux or real, leather beds and leather furniture in general are very easy to look after. Just go over the bed frame with a duster or a damp cloth in order to remove stains and keep the piece of furniture clean.

2. Leather is a very durable material and with a little care you can rest assured that your furniture will last a lifetime.

3. Leather beds come in any size so you can go for a superking bed for your master bedroom and even get your teen a small double leather bed. Why not also consider a leather bed that includes a TV stand and/ or an iPod dock for making the most of those lazy Sundays in bed.

4. Faux leather offers a wide range of bright colours for those who prefer to make their bed stand out with a deep red or light pink.

5. Leather beds come in a variety of different styles. Among the most popular bed types you can choose a stylish sleigh bed, an ottoman bed or a simply a guest bed.

We have selected great leather beds to illustrate the points mentioned above and give you some more ideas on the different leather bed there are out there. For more information visit

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