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Design Year Book

Design Year Book

DDMMYY Tequila Branding & Packaging by Yujo

Posted: 30 Mar 2012 04:31 AM PDT

Today, a good packaging is not just pretty graphics or quirky design will do. DDMMYY is a new 100% organic tequila from the region of Jalisco, Mexico. To make a strong statement for a new alcoholic drink, design agency Yujo has make used of historically significant event date as the presentation of the tequila made of 100% organic agave. These dates were the moon landing in '69, the end of WWII in '45 and the signing of the Kyoto agreement in 2005.

"Some dates changed the history of mankind forever. Let us celebrate them. As we look back in time we acknowledge there are events worth remembering. Today we distil a tequila solely meant for this purpose, which being 100% organic allows us to hope for the future, making it clear a better world is at reach. We dedicate each new production to celebrate a specific day, month and year that altered the course of history and by this means we catch the spirit of change that made possible these political, social and ultimately human events. Time cannot be stopped, but it sure can be bottled."

Definetely a clever tactic to steal attention. When I first saw the packaging, I too asking myself what the number (date) stand for? 

+ Yujo

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