Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Urville-The Imaginative City

Urville, a capital city with a population of nearly 12 million, making it one of Europe's most significant cities. It is also entirely imaginary.

Gilles Tréhin, an autistic French with exceptional creative talents has been drawing since age 5, but at age 12 he began designing an imaginary city he named URVILLE, which is described in great detail from the remarkable architectural to the thoughtful cultural context rooted in real world history. Since then Tréhin has spent over 20 years to conceive and develop 'Urville', a name comes from "Dumont d'Urville", which is a scientific base, in a French territory of the Antarctic.

He shares his vision in this beautifully illustrated guide to the city, which he renders convincingly real in nearly 300 drawings of different districts of Urville. All the drawings, come from the 5 main very large general views of the different sectors of the city. There is an example of a large view at the beginning of this text. Each of the smaller views show details of the streets, squares and various monuments of Urville.

This book written by Tréhin, "Urville's Guided Tour," offers fascinating evidence of and insight into the creative power of the autistic mind and will be of interest to people with autism and without.

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