Senin, 05 September 2011

Fokis/Atomik Graf Production...

I've found some photos on google of a wall that Fokis LTS and I had done about 12 years ago in Charlotte, NC. Fokis is from Cali, and we met while he was visiting NC and I was visiting from Pittsburgh. We quickly became good friends and had a great time hanging out and painting together. His style influenced me a lot, and I'm grateful for having the opportunity to destroy some walls with him!
I don't know who took these photos, or why, but they show us in the process of painting a graveyard scene production. I remember Fokis telling me that we had to paint our pieces huge, and it was so out of my normal style because where I grew up we learned to paint on a smaller scale. Whoever took these photos blurred out our faces, which I think is funny, but anyways, I appreciate them posting these pics!
This is a mixed medea piece that Fokis gave me when I left Charlotte, and will always be one of my favorites. We had a rad time hanging out, and have lots of stories from that short amount of time. I hope to hang out with him again sometime soon

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