Minggu, 28 November 2010

Fighter Tattoos...

I recently had some fellas come in the shop who like to fight. The kid above is a mixed martial arts fighter, and wanted the seven deadly sins tattooed down his back. We did it in one sitting, which is a testament to his pain tolerance, because the only other tattoo he had was a relatively small one on his arm. It's always fun getting the opportunity to tattoo someone who has a really interesting job or hobby, and I enjoyed hearing fight stories for most of the session. He was a really, really nice kid too!
My man pictured above is training to be a boxer, and came in for his second tattoo from me. The first was a tribute to the city of Philadelphia. Also a really great guy, and I always enjoy talking to him. If I were to become a boxer, I'd want to do it in Philly too...home of Rocky, right?!

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