Selasa, 27 Juli 2010

Design Year Book

Design Year Book

San Francisco Zoo by Irina Blok

Posted: 27 Jul 2010 09:03 AM PDT

Creative & fresh paper bag created by Irina Blok for San Francisco Zoo.

via Irina Blok

My World Wine by Designer's Journey

Posted: 27 Jul 2010 07:27 AM PDT

A series of hand drawn maps colored by aquarelle embracing each box, accompanied by a series of illustrations highlighting what is unique about each country. Each illustration is supported by local curiosities. That's pretty much sum up 'My World Wine' packaging designed by Oslo-based Designer's Journey.

For example, the Australia wine, we selected surf, pink diamonds, Indigenous, Crocodile, Uluru - Ayers Rock, Sidney Opera House, the Koala, the Kangaroo, Eucalyptus tree and Dolphins.

So, next time you buy a wine, you also buy the country curiosities.

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